I will paint for you in watercolor, if you have a suitable photo.

I can take low-quality and black-and-white photographs.

You confirm you do not violate the copyright of using this photo, when you submitting the photo to me.

I have an agreement to not paint American athletes.

Try to scan your photo very qualitatively. The better you scan, the better will be the result of my work.

I will inform you whether it is possible to paint from this photo, the cost and timing of the performance

My offer is valid for 12 hours. I can appoint a new time of execution, if you have not confirmed the order within 12 hours.

The lead times depend on the number of other orders.

The cost depends from the complexity of the work and the format of the painting:

Size (portraits of people)

Start price

10″ X 14″
195 $
14″ X 20″
370 $
15″ X 22″
415 $
22″ X 30″
595 $

Size (paintings of pet)

Start price

10″ X 14″
135 $
14″ X 20″
250 $
15″ X 22″
295 $
22″ X 30″
400 $

You can order any other format, but the maximum possible size is 22″ 30″

You will receive a watercolor painting on high-quality watercolor paper Arches cold-pressed, Arches hot-pressed or Saunders Waterford cold-pressed. Watercolor colors “Nevskaya Palitra”

I will make a computer photo retouching, before starting work.

If it correctly for you, inform me about this and message will mean acceptance of my offer.

After making the painting, I’ll make a photo and send it to you by e-mail.

You can pay the painting, or refuse it.

After payment I’ll send you a painting by post EMS. You can find the delivery time by EMS-post to your country on the Internet or on your post-office.

You will get all the rights to the painting. You can demand confidentiality from me or you can let me show the painting in my portfolio.

Painting is sent without framing.

Packaging is done very carefully in sheets of foam.

I’ll send you a painting for free to anywhere in the world.

A painting is a vision of an artist. Maybe this picture will not meet your expectations. Maybe this picture will make you cry. Maybe this painting will become your family’s favorite relic. Order me a painting, if you are willing to take the risk and trust me.

or mail me valukevich@inbox.ru


I just watched my wife open the portrait of her parents that you created, and she was thrilled. She loved that it was so detailed and accurate. I cannot thank you enough for what you have created. The entire transaction was so easy from beginning to end, and now we have a keepsake that will be in our family for years to come. Also thanks for the speedy delivery from halfway around the world. It only took 4 business days.

Jose Barchenko